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A.B.C.D. MUSIC LTD. is the most dominant CD manufacturer for the local record industry in Israel.
A.B.C.D.'s clients include two of the major record companies as well as independents developing multimedia titles and professional computer software.

A.B.C.D. the only CD manufacturer in Israel which replicates according to the guidelines of the B.S.A., is also a member of the I.F.P.I., and plays an active role in the I.F.P.I.'s continuing effort against piracy and other forms of copyright infringement.

A.B.C.D. is providing it's clients with first class service and top quality product at competitive prices.
For more information, and for a quotation for your next order, please call or fax: Naftaly Godesh-Talor, Rachel Berger-Cohen or anyone on our friendly team.


7 Ha'Merkava St.
Industrial zone B, Holon, 58851, Israel
Tel: +972 (3) 559 8030
Fax: +972 (3) 559 8031